Transcript &
Text typing


Verbatim transcript: the audio track is transcribed with all the mistakes and the typical expressions of spoken language.

Elaborate transcript: the audio track is transcribed and corrected.

Text typing.

N.B. Before delivery, the file is properly formatted according my style, unless specified otherwise by the client.


Documents in a non-editable, digital format (i.e. PDFs, images, diagrams).

Documents in printed format, scanned and sent via e-mail or specific web sites for transferring files.

Recordings or videos accessible via links or available in multimedia devices (i.e. CDs, DVDs, pen drives).


These services are provided in the following languages: Italian, English, French and German.

The transcribed and formatted file is sent in .doc and .pdf format unless otherwise instructed by the client.

Before accepting the assignment, source materials are carefully analyzed in order to check if they are legible and understandable.