February / March 2013 – Seminar about “Negotiation in International Organizations” organized by the University of Milan.

Topics covered:
Major international organizations: statutes, bodies and voting systems;
structure of the Italian Foreign Ministry (MAE) and its representatives in the international organizations;
role of Italy and other countries in the major international organizations with regard to political-economic influences and voting systems;
negotiation process in the EU, UN and in other international organizations;
role of representatives in Bruxelles, New York, Geneva and Paris;
– simulation of a negotiation: Kyoto Protocol.

* * *

October / November 2013 – Seminar about “Arms control and disarmament: government commitments, role of the civil society” organized by the University of Milan.

Topics covered:
– Causes and consequences of the nuclear proliferation;
– nuclear test ban treaties;
– role of the IAEA;
– nuclear fuel’s possible effects in a regional power;
– instrument for stability as a European programme for biosecurity;
– chemical weapons convention;
– disarmament and humanitarian international law;
– arms trade treaty;
– from nuclear disarmament to a  strengthening global non-proliferation regime.